The Most Popular Satellite TV Dish Products

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VuQube VQ1000 Portable Satellite Dish System

This is a self-leveling, self-contained and weather resistant satellite dish system that eliminates the need to carry a level, tripod, dish and signal meter. It's resistant to signal loss due to rain or high winds.

It's compatible with Dish Network, DIRECTV, Bell ExpressVu, and free-to-air satellite television providers.

TERK TRK-S2 18" DIRECTV Satellite Dish Antenna with Dual Output LNB

This satellite dish has two dual LNBs to capture signals from all three satellites. With this dish and the right receiver you can have access to everything available...more sports games, more movies and music, as well as local TV programming, where available. It's the dish that receives primary DirecTV services. It also features DirecTV and easy hookup to as many as two receivers so your family can watch separate TV programming with each receiver.

This dish works to receive single satellite non-HD DirecTV. Installation will take about one and a half hour including finding and tweaking signal on the satellite. Highly recommended.

Winegard GM-1518 Carryout Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna

This is a fully automatic satellite TV antenna with DVB technology suitable for really fast and accurate satellite acquisition. It automatically switches between two and three satellites, depending on the provider. It's also compatible with all DISH Network and Bell TV standard/HD programming

Just follow the instructions and in about 10 minutes you will be able to enjoy your favorite satellite TV channels. You can change channels with only about a second of delay.

No more twisting and turning the dish for hours to get a good signal! This is worth saving your money for. Just connect it, turn on the receiver, power up the unit and do a switch test. Within ten minutes you will be inside watching satellite television.

WINEGARD DS-5005 Dish Network 500 Kit

This one is for Dish 500 programming. You can view programming from 110 & 119 satellites.

For use with TR-3500 tripod mount.

Dish 500

Dish 500 designed to receive 110 and 119. It includes all hardware and a Dish Pro LNB

VuQube V10 Truck-Mountable Satellite Antenna System

This is a self-contained and weather resistant mobile satellite television dish system built for trucks. There's no need to use traditional push pole satellite antennas.

"Fastfind" RF remote with 50 ft To 100 ft range allows for simple one person set up and can reduce signal acquisition times to five to ten minutes compared to conventional satellite TV dish systems.

It is compatible with Bell ExpressVu, DIRECTV, Dish Network, as well as FTA free-to-air satellite TV providers.